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Jayne's & Churches' Letters & Notes

  Revd. Jayne's Pastoral Letter for all 3 churches

  Jayne's Church letter 6th April                  Church Newsletter 22nd April

  Jayne's Church letter 22nd April               Church Newsletter 18th May

  Jayne's Church letter 20th May                 Church letter re opening                    Church letter re safety opening

  Jayne's Church letter -- To open                Church Feedback (August) letter re opening

  Jayne's Church letter September              Apperley Methodist Church Re-opening

                                         Jayne's Christmas letter                              Church Newsletter 21st September

                                                                                                                    Church Christmas Newsletter

                                                                                                                    Church 2nd Wave Reopening Decision

                                                                                                                    Final Church Christmas Newsletter

                                                                                                                    Week of Prayer 12th January 2021


  Jayne's Facebook Page                                                     Revd. Jayne's 'Sacred Ground' page

  Jayne's Reflection on 2 Peter 3: 8-10

  Psalm 139: 1-6,  13-18



Jayne's Online Informal "Sunday Reflections"

2021          January




                                       2020       September                           October                            November                           December

                                                Episode 1,  22nd                 Episode 3,  4th                   Episode 6,  1st                  Episode 10.  6th

                                                Episode 2,  27th                  Episode 4,  11th                 Episode 7,  15th               Episode 11,  13th

                                                                                               Episode 5,  18th                 Episode 8,  22nd

                                                                                               Episode extra  25th           Episode 9,  29th


                    Jayne's Online Informal Sunday Services:   "The Sunday Slot"

                                            May                                   June                                   July                                      August

                                  Episode 1,  17th                Episode 4,   7th               Episode 8,   5th                Episode 12,  2nd 

                                  Episode 2,  24th                Episode 5,  14th              Episode 9,  12th               Episode 13,  9th 

                                  Episode 3,   31st               Episode 6,  21st               Episode 10,  19th             Episode 14,  30th 

                                                                               Episode 7,  28th              Episode 11,  26th                           


Our Other Church Information Sources



Gloucestershire Methodist Circuit's Pre-recorded Acts of Worship

                    2021               January

  18. Revd. John Hellyer - 3rd

  19. Revd. Jayne Webb - 10th

  20. Revd. Rachael Leather - 17th


                   2020              September                                              October                                            November

                           1. Revd. Phil Summers - 6th                5. Gareth Zimmerman - 4th             9. Revd. John Hellyer - 1st

                           2. Revd. Jayne Webb - 13th                 6. Revd. Andrew Biggs - 11th          10. Revd. Jayne Webb - 8th

                           3. Revd. Rachael Leather - 20th        7. Revd. Naomi Cooke - 18th           11. Alan Jackson - 15th

                           4. Karen Burridge - 27th                     8. Revd. Phil Summers - 25th          12. Revd. Michelle Ireland - 22nd

                                                                                                                                                           13. Revd. Andrew Biggs - 29th


                          14. Revd. Andrew Biggs - 6th

                          15. Revd. Andrew Biggs - 13th

                          16. Revd. John Hellyer - Carol Service - 20th

                          Christmas Day  -  Revd. Michelle Ireland

                          17. Revd. John Hellyer - 27th


                 Gloucestershire Methodist Circuit's 'Year of Prayer' - Tuesday 12:45 prayers

          2021                   January

  16. Revd. Jayne Webb - 12th




        2020                 September                                    October                                        November                                  December

                     1. Revd. Jayne Webb - 15th      3. Deacon Sue Peat - 6th           7. Deacon Sue Peat - 3rd         11. Deacon Sue Peat - 1st

                     2. Revd. Jayne Webb - 29th      4. Revd. Jayne Webb - 13th       8. Revd. Jayne Webb - 10th     12. Revd. Jayne Webb - 8th

                                                                           5. Deacon Sue Peat - 19th         9. Deacon Sue Peat - 17th        13. Deacon Sue Peat - 15th

                                                                           6. Revd. Jayne Webb - 27th      10. Revd. Jayne Webb - 24th     14. Revd. Jayne Webb - 22nd

                                                                                                                                                                                         15. Deacon Sue Peat - 29th

   Gloucestershire Methodist Circuit's Facebook




The Methodist Church has created advice and items to share

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  The main site can be found at

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  Methodist Central Hall:  Live,  Latest  &  Recent Church Services                Methodist Central Hall  home page

  Service Sheets


                                              Message from the president of conference  --  Revd Dr Barbara Glasson


Wesley House Cambridge

  Wesley House is a community of Methodist scholars and students at the heart of the University city of Cambridge.

  Since 1921 it has been a gateway for students in the Wesleyan tradition into the excellent resources for learning in the University of Cambridge.

  Prayer space & Day by day short prayers

  Wesley House Cambridge home page


Music  -  Just to enjoy listening to!

  Churches sing 'The Blessing' over the UK             2 hours of Hymns of Faith




  Traditional Church Choir Hymns                               50 quite relaxing Instrumental hymns





  We have formed a 'WhatsApp' social network group:


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     o   Information in general

 If you have a mobile phone and would like to join the group please phone or email Jean D via the  Contact  page.

 Hope you are all well and keeping safe! We have had lots of offers of help so please don't be embarrassed to ask...

 Please contact Jean D, your pastoral visitor or Jayne if you need anything or just for a chat...

 To download the 'WhatsApp' program to your phone directly or via a PC/Laptop to your phone, go to:


     Tewkesbury, Apperley & Winchcombe Churches hope to reopen before Easter


      Church 2nd Wave Reopening Decision



    Remembrance day 2020 

 To mark RemembranceDay, twenty cast members from AnticDisposition's First World War adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry V have come together to record, in their own homes, the song 'Non Nobis' from the production.

    Non Nobis' from Antic Disposition's HENRY V


News & Sharing ideas

Fishing for Hope - Craft Idea Knit or Crochet a Fish                             Candle of Hope


Churches Together Winchcombe (CTW) News     CTW Church Links




Two Rainbow Crochet Patterns  (Click on the icons below for patterns)

   Rainbow Valley  Home Page                        

  (Beginners pattern)

   KerryJayneDesigns  Home Page



Poem:  "Don't Quit"   by John Greenleaf Whittier






Prayers to share

   I believe I need a shepherd                                              Prayer for the present days





Revd Ian Spencer, Warden, Holland House

  Quiet Garden Reflection

  Comfort in Crisis - the cover-up




Revd. Canon J. John

  Nothing to Fear





Making equipment for Care-Home workers

A lady in conrtact with Winchcombe contacted care homes to see what they needed. The answer came back asking for headbands to protect their ears from the face masks they are having to wear. Their ears are getting very sore and headbands with buttons mean they can loop the face masks round the buttons rather than their sore ears. They need 30 - 40 because they need to wash the reusable equipment regularly.

Many Care homes are crying out for headbands and masks and they can use home made cloth ones, hospitals seem to only able use headbands.

Please conctact you local Care homes and Hospices near you to arange delivery, they will be greatful for your support.


Headband making instructions                  No sew but you would still need to add buttons !

Facemasks                     Facemasks with closer fit.                    Really good instructions for facemasks made from old sheets.

Pillowcase bags for washing kit

NHS Coronavirus bag tutorial


Making Scrubs for Hospitals

Winchcombe Medical Centre

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust         (And other hospitals: Please check the list on the For love of scrubs Facebook page

                                                                           and/or contact your nearest hospital, care home, hospice or GP.)

   Gown Pattern




   Finished Gown