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Tewkesbury Methodist Church is a welcoming family church in the centre of this historic market town, where the main roads meet by the town Cross War Memorial.



























Address :  The Cross, Church Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5PA               Map


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Sunday Services

Weekly Sunday morning service          10:30  a.m.

 Our morning service is a conventional Methodist church service led by a minister or a local preacher.

  •  The music is a combination of traditional hymns and worship songs played on the organ or piano and  occasionally accompanied by other instruments. It lasts about an hour.




Breakfast Praise                                        9:15  a.m.

 Our breakfast service is on the 1st Sunday of the month, known as the 'bacon butty' service. Everyone is welcome, it is geared towards children and their parents. The service consists of a couple of light Christian songs with a bible based activity, and of course breakfast including a bacon butty!





Harmony Praise                                       6:00  p.m.

 The Harmony Praise service is a lighter much less formal or structured praise and worship sharing service.   The music comprises of contemporary modern Christian songs and hymns, played on keyboard, guitar and drums. Other musicians join us to play the tin whistle and a dulcimer occasionally.

  Contact:  Andrew M  via the  'Harmony Praise'  Contact  page.



After all our services there is always time to chat and meet and make new friends!


Church Facilities

The church building comprises of 3 main rooms: The main church worship area internally linked to the Church hall and smaller meeting room.

We have an industrial kitchen for large special event lunches e.g. Christmas, Christian aid lunches and other large events throughout the year. In addition we also have smaller kitchen for after service tea and coffee, and coffee mornings.

For the services in the church we have an industrial projector and screen, church sound system and a hearing aid loop system installed.

The church buildings are bookable. For more information please contact  Roger D  Tel: (01684) 293 423


Children's Area


  We have a children’s corner with books and toys, designed to keep babies and very       young children happy while their parents participate in worship.







Informal Chat Space

 At the back of the church we have comfy arm chairs and coffee tables for informal         meetings or just for sitting and chatting after the service or during open church coffee   mornings from 10:00 to 12:00 on  Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.