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Address:  High Street, Winchcombe,  GL54 5LJ    Map

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Sunday Services

Weekly Sunday morning service          10:30  a.m.

Our morning service is a conventional Methodist church service led by a minister or a local preacher.

The music is a combination of traditional hymns and worship songs played on the organ or piano. It lasts about an hour.

After our service there is always time to chat and meet and make new friends!


Church Facilities

The church building comprises of 2 main rooms and a couple of meeting rooms: The main church worship area and meeting rooms are upstairs and internally linked to the Church hall and kitchen downstairs, accessible by a lift and stairs.

We have an equipped kitchen for special event lunches and other social food events i.e. pancake fund raising and teas. The church area is also used for social gatherings to save moving downstairs on some occasions.

For the services in the church we have large TV monitors and a hearing aid 'TO' loop system installed.

The rooms and kitchen are hire-able during the week and evenings.


Winchcombe ‘Be Social’ Day Centre

  This has been a valuable part of many people’s lives and I know that both its members and its friends at Winchcombe Methodist church are looking forward to a time when people can gather together once again, albeit with the prescribed safety measures in place.