Chodort Training Centre Zambia

​The church's Chodort training centre support team with the retiring Centre Principle Jenny Featherstone in 2019.


Chodort Training Centre examples.


Founded in 2002 Chodort is a United Church of Zambia Organisation supported by the Evangelist church in Dortmund. Chodort exists to give high quality skills training to vulnerable people in the Choma area and beyond.

The traing centre tries to support itsself through 2 main income generation projects, a small housing rental programme and a fine carpentry Workshop which employs past students. They make all kinds of beautiful furniture.

Profits from housing rents and furniture subsidise our students fees.   Please visit their facebook page for further Information:


Some of the training skills taught, Carpentry, Tayloring, Computer studies
Some of training skills taught are: Carpentry, Tayloring, Computer studies and Catering.



Tewkesbury Methodist Church support

We are pleased to report that we have been able to send a further donation of £1,046 to the college we support in Zambia, where our MissionPartner is based.  The money has been raised as various events, coffee mornings and other donations.  Many thanks to all who have contributed.

God’s amazing timing! We have just received a letter from the Chodort trade training centre we support in Zambia. It takes some time for our donations to reach them as they have to be processed through the Methodist World Mission department in London, then passed on to the United Church of Zambia who forward it to the college. Our donation (which was over a thousand pounds) arrived just as the centre needed a substantial sum of money to pay for their Property Insurance and land rates! They thank us very much for our donation which they say was ‘very timely’. Good news indeed.