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                Tewkesbury, Apperley & Winchcombe Churches hope to reopen on 23rd May

                Church 2021 May Reopening Decision

                Church 2nd Wave Reopening Decision

                National Methodist Church advice

                Methodist Circuit Gloucestershire Corona Advice

                Corona virus note March 2020


Winchcombe Community Help

For those of you self isolating - there is a new group formed in Winchcombe called Winchcombe Help Force (WHF) and you may receive one of the attached forms filled in by a fellow member of our community offering help.

  • Secondly, some of the local shops are offering a delivery service - one of the other attachments gives details.
  • Lastly, here is a poster you can put near your door for any unexpected visitors or deliveries.


              Winchcombe Help Force (WHF)  Listed traders

              Corona virus awareness door poster

              Volunteer Help Form


Making equipment for Care home workers

A lady in conrtact with Winchcombe contacted care homes to see what they needed. The answer came back asking for headbands to protect their ears from the face masks they are having to wear. Their ears are getting very sore and headbands with buttons mean they can loop the face masks round the buttons rather than their sore ears. They need 30 - 40 because they need to wash the reusable equipment regularly.

Many Care homes are crying out for headbands and masks and they can use home made cloth ones, hospitals seem to only able use headbands.

Please conctact you local Care homes and Hospices near you to arange delivery, they will be greatful for you support.


Headband making instructions                  No sew but you would still need to add buttons !

Facemasks                     Facemasks with closer fit.                    Really good instructions for facemasks made from old sheets.

Pillowcase bags for washing kit

NHS Coronavirus bag tutorial


Making Scrubs for Hospitals

Winchcombe Medical Centre

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust         (And other hospitals: Please check the list on the For love of scrubs Facebook page

                                                                           and/or contact your nearest hospital, care home, hospice or GP.)

   Gown Pattern




   Finished Gown